A Hidden gem of the Cape’s West Coast

Recently on a birding and fishing adventure up the West Coast from Cape Town we discovered a resort which many Capetonians have not even heard of, never mind experienced. There we found what we were looking for… solitude, a log cabin on stilts practically over the water, an abundance of bird life and still sunny days with perfect ocean sunsets.


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The feeling of walking out along the coast in the early morning light, fishing rod in hand and no footprints fresher than mine except for those of otters and genets was just what I needed… One morning I enjoyed the whole place, seemingly to myself completing a mornings fishing and returning to our cabin without seeing another person.


tours birding fishing south Africa cape town


tours cape town fishing birding south Africa

 The fishing was not great due to the conditions, high tide at mid-day when there was the most light and the dropping barometer seemed to turn the edibles off the bite. The smaller shark species though did not seem to care what the fishing books said and provided me with some welcome entertainment. The birding however and overall atmosphere of the place more than made up for the fishing.

A comparative lack of people (to the east coast) and extremely productive waters have for thousands of years attracted large congregations of pelagic birds to this coast. We saw cormorants, terns, gulls, gannets, oyster-catchers and more, not to mention the variety of song-birds found in the coastal Fynbos behind us. Apart from the variety of species, the sheer numbers were astounding.


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All in all this is an ideal two or three night’s getaway from Cape Town. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@peoplelikeussafaris.com.

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