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Our first big stop was Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in the Namib Desert. In the early morning we were greeted by the life-giving fog which many of the animals rely on as their only source of moisture. We then set out to find some of these smaller animals. One of them was the Anchieta’s Dune or Shovel-snouted Lizard which was being filmed above, a really fast little guy so we were happy when he finally sat still.

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Above is a Social Weavers nest on the gravel plains of Namibia near Sesriem and the Namib Desert. In the back ground are the Khomas Hochland Mountains which we later climbed en route to Namibia’s plateau and capital city Windhoek.

Sociable weavers build the biggest birds’ nests in the world, often reaching a weight of up to several tonnes. As you can see in this photo the weight of the nests (especially when it rains) becomes too much for the trees in which they are built, this clearly doesn’t discourage the builders though.

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Another mind-blowing view from the Spreetshoogte Pass; seen as we climbed the escarpment from the coastal desert plains up to the central plateau. This road is not recommended for heavy vehicles as the climb is extremely steep with narrow tracks and rather steep drop-offs! We saw a family of Klipspringer just after leaving this view-point, a great sign that we had entered a mountainous habitat. No-doubt there were leopard in the area but to have spotted them was another story, we saved that for later in the trip.

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Once on top of the plateau it stretched out endlessly. It was nice to see how much appreciation our clients had (coming from India, where at least 1/6th of the human population resides) for the open spaces and this seemingly uninhabited wilderness.

We ended our stay in Namibia in Windhoek where, during our drive to the airport the next morning the water I sprayed on the windscreen to clear the fogging froze solid instantly! Welcome to Namibia’s central plateau in winter!

Thankfully we were off to a considerably warmer Botswana.

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