Tranquility Cracks – A Great Table Mountain Hike

The Tranquility Cracks are deep fissures in the rocks on top of the Twelve Apostles above Camps Bay (half way along the Twelve Apostles). The cracks are a labyrinth of natural rock corridors often about 5m deep and sometimes completely enclosed. The Tranquility Cracks make an excellent destination for a hike as they are interesting to explore, in a relatively quiet area and offer stunning views.


The best way of reaching the cracks (recommended by Mike Lundy) is via the Pipe Track and Corridor Ravine. There are many entry points onto the Pipe Track but in order to save time it is recommended that you start well along the track by joining it from Rontree Estate (see map below).

From Camps Bay Drive look out for a left into Fiskaal Road. Fiskaal bends and snakes up the hill past several cul-de-sacs. At the highest point in the road there is a little gravel drive on the left leading to a gate and a path. Park there and walk up onto the jeep track beyond the gate.

You are aiming to walk up into the Twelve Apostles further right (towards Hout Bay). So head up the jeep track and keep right. Eventually you’ll join up with the pipe track. Continue along the Pipe Track as it moves along the mountains away from Camps Bay.


The track eventually rises along the edge of a large ravine (Slangolie Ravine) and there are some steps in the path just before it crosses the ravine. The path then moves along the face of the mountain for a while before reaching Corridor Ravine. This is relatively gentle walk up to the top of the Twelve Apostles with stunning sea views.

When you reach the top of the mountain turn left onto the contour path and start walking back towards Cape Town along the top of the mountains. Very soon you will rise up towards the top of Slangolie Buttress (the first real hill), the path is cobble-stoned and as the cobblestones end there is a faint path leading left about 5m before the top of the rise. Take this path and after about 3-4 mins walking you will see a rocky outcrop on your right, this contains the cracks.

The Tranquility Cracks extend through this rocky area and are well worth exploring. There are several passages and stunning viewpoints to find, it can be fun squeezing through some of the smaller gaps in the rocks. There are several Yellowwood trees growing up from inside the cracks. Once you find your way through the cracks you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of Camps Bay, Table Mountain and Lions Head.

There are several routes back down to the Pipe Track, probably the easiest is back down Corridor Ravine. Otherwise the walk down Kasteelpoort is steep but safe and easy. Mike Lundy recommends Woody Ravine which is very steep and a little tougher to find.

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