My top Places to visit in Namibia – No.1 Orange River

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The Orange River experience is an awesome trip for groups of friends or families.

When tackling the rapids the fun and camaraderie created in the group is fantastic and really has a way of bringing everybody closer together. The isolation of the location and scenery is a relaxing respite from the rushing and distractions of everyday city life. No time is kept and things happen with a seemingly natural flow and even though the trip is only about 5 days it feels like you have been on the river for a lifetime and when  it’s over it’s as though you are being collected from the foreign planet you have been living on and taken back to earth – reluctantly.


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The paddling is relaxed and the rapids are challenging yet doable for most. The scenery is really breathtaking with folded mountains surrounding you, Fish Eagles flying overhead and of course the sluggish, cool river taking you through an otherwise inhospitably dry land.





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On the Orange River trips with People Like Us Safaris, all meals, boats and equipment are provided – it is up to the individual to bring drinks, sleeping bags and mats and any other personal items such as fishing rods (highly recommended), cameras, beach umbrellas etc. The trips run all year and each season has its own appeal although the nights can get a little cold between May and August.

To organise a trip or for more information contact Jamie at



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