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My top Places to visit in Namibia No.2 – The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is a world unto itself, it is the oldest desert in the world and when you are there – it feels like it! Towering red dunes, cloudless skies and the skeletons of long-dead trees are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to experiencing this ancient eco-system. By venturing into […] → Continue Reading My top Places to visit in Namibia No.2 – The Namib Desert

Kim Wolhuter and the wild dogs

Wild Shots debuts in Cape Town

Earlier this month a friend asked if I wanted to volunteer at Wild Shots, a Wildlife Photography Symposium at Iziko Museum in Cape Town. I gladly offered up my Saturday. The wildlife photo conference was to be held in conjunction with the 2012 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. My volunteer partner was a guy […] → Continue Reading Wild Shots debuts in Cape Town

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A “Real” San-Bushmen Experience

We have found what seems to be the best place to have an unpretentious interaction and experience with these amazing people. Having experienced a few of these I was sceptical as usual as to how genuine/ happy and traditional these people were going to be in terms of the customs and activities they were going […] → Continue Reading A “Real” San-Bushmen Experience

Walking Safari

Earthcare Travels with PLUS

In June this year PLUS provided an adventurous family holiday for the founders of Earthcare productions in India. We saw it all from the coastal plains, deserts and mountains of Namibia to the Okavango delta, savannahs and salt pans of Botswana. We did wild camping, stayed in luxury permanent tents and comfortable lodges; we drove, […] → Continue Reading Earthcare Travels with PLUS

Hippos & People in the Okavango Delta

It is a fact that hippos kill more people annually than any other African mammal besides humans. So how does the relationship with the people in dugout canoes and the resident hippo population in the Okavango Delta work? Hippo bulls are highly territorial and have their “hippo pools” which they defend from other hippo males […] → Continue Reading Hippos & People in the Okavango Delta


The Disappearance of The Springbok ‘Mega’ Herds

Nowadays when people on game drives see springbok in national parks and game reserves they are often impressed by the sheer numbers in the herds. These “big” herds though are merely the left overs of what once covered the lands of South Africa and Namibia. It was these “mega” herds of springbok encountered by the […] → Continue Reading The Disappearance of The Springbok ‘Mega’ Herds

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