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Earthcare Travels with PLUS

In June this year PLUS provided an adventurous family holiday for the founders of Earthcare productions in India. We saw it all from the coastal plains, deserts and mountains of Namibia to the Okavango delta, savannahs and salt pans of Botswana. We did wild camping, stayed in luxury permanent tents and comfortable lodges; we drove, […] → Continue Reading Earthcare Travels with PLUS


The Disappearance of The Springbok ‘Mega’ Herds

Nowadays when people on game drives see springbok in national parks and game reserves they are often impressed by the sheer numbers in the herds. These “big” herds though are merely the left overs of what once covered the lands of South Africa and Namibia. It was these “mega” herds of springbok encountered by the […] → Continue Reading The Disappearance of The Springbok ‘Mega’ Herds

The Game Drive Experience

9 Things You Need To Know Before Going on Safari

  The weather is extreme in Africa and changes very quickly. Not infrequently have I started an afternoon drive in 36 degrees Celsius and come home in 16 degrees Celsius and visa versa in the morning. Always take warm clothes. A hat and a scarf can make all the difference. Remember the ambient temperature may […] → Continue Reading 9 Things You Need To Know Before Going on Safari

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