Kim Wolhuter and the wild dogs

Wild Shots debuts in Cape Town

Earlier this month a friend asked if I wanted to volunteer at Wild Shots, a Wildlife Photography Symposium at Iziko Museum in Cape Town. I gladly offered up my Saturday. The wildlife photo conference was to be held in conjunction with the 2012 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. My volunteer partner was a guy […] → Continue Reading Wild Shots debuts in Cape Town

Deep Focus

4 Tips For Using The Manual Settings On Your Camera

There are a few basic settings on cameras that make a huge difference to the way a photograph turns out. Most people these days rely on an automatic function which adapts to the light and subject matter without any input from the photographer. This means that you will seldom get bad photographs, it’s also means […] → Continue Reading 4 Tips For Using The Manual Settings On Your Camera

best african safaris

Swimming Elephants

Recently while in Botswana on a Chobe River boat cruise we were lucky enough to witness a whole herd of elephants crossing this mighty river that forms the natural border between Botswana and Namibia. To see elephants in the water is always a special sight, never mind to see them actually swimming and using their […] → Continue Reading Swimming Elephants

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