You made our holiday unforgettable. It’s wonderful that you are so fascinated and you can fascinate all our group and we are going to come back to Africa again and again. You dinners were so tasty! We will take to Russia a lot of news, impressions, our love of Africa, our memories about every day and a few spare kilograms. You are both very pleasant, kind and friendly people! We want to wish you good luck in your future business. Tatiana and Yulia, Russia


Thank you both for making this trip so stress-free, interesting and enjoyable! Jamie, you are a fountain of knowledge about the flora, fauna and birds and we really appreciate your caring attitude and your happy smile, as well as your organisational skills and driving ability. Martina is an excellent support and we really appreciate your cooking! Together you make an unbeatable team and we wish you all success with your new venture – PLUS.  Ann and Iain Williamson, UK 


We zyn altijd veel op reis maar dit was onze eerste “groepsreis”. Een geweldige ervaring mede dank zij Jamie. Het is geweldig om Afrika te beleven me zo ’n internationale groep. Bedereen kykt met de bril van zijn eigen land. Dat geeft een extra dimensie aan Afrika.  Detlef en Gerdien, Holland


Thank you very much for a wonderful safari experience. Your depth and breadth of knowledge has provided and experience beyond the ordinary. Without you, I never would have heard the call of the Ruppells korhaan or identified the Namib sand lizard. In the rush for the ‘big 5’ many will have passed the beautiful Lilac Breasted Roller without thought or missed the rare Western keeled snake and tiny Painted Reed Frog. Amongst the many I have chosen these as my top “small” 5 of Africa. They are part of what has made this trip extraordinary. Many thanks for everything you have shown us on this trip.  Linda Rhind, Canada


Thank you very much for showing us a bit of South Africa – I had a great holiday. You were exceptional in the effort you put in to trying to meet all our disparate interests and answer our questions (especially mine, which must often have struck you as strange!  On this note, I must also say that you have tact worthy of an international diplomat – there are few people who don’t tell me how odd my queries are!)


I wanted to write this e mail to tell you that you have a quality beyond the usual good holiday guide’s qualities: you have a passion for your country that shines in your work.  Please don’t lose it.  We may have teased you about your repeated messages about “non indigenous species” and environmental and ecological issues, but we did take on board the serious aspects of what you were trying to tell us.  Thank you for sharing your passion for South Africa with us and long may you have it!  Sookfun Ho, Wales


This has not just been a holiday, it has been an experience. If anyone knows more about Southern Africa than Jamie I’ll be amazed. Just ask and he will give you a comprehensive answer, which in turn adds to the enjoyment. Martina is a wonderful partner to him making sure that you are comfortable and needn’t worry. Thanks for the memories.  Jim Gill, UK

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